The first segment of the new project completed!

The first segment of the new project, tentatively entitled "Dammed", has been completed. This trip included the Morelos, Imperial, Laguna, Head Gate, Parker, Davis, Palo Verde, and Senator Wash dams.

The image above was made at the Imperial Dam, on the Arizona side. The Imperial is a large diversion dam which impounds and slows the river prior to diversion into the All American Canal (an 80 mile long aqueduct which feeds southern California) in California and the Gila Gravity Main Canal in Arizona. The river here is a beautiful, slow moving wildlife habitat.

However, beyond this, (as shown below), is the water diverted to the All American Canal. 3.1 million acre feet of the Colorado River is diverted from the Imperial Dam to the All American Canal annually.

I'll be continuing to shoot the dams and their effects on the drought ravaged Colorado River. My focus are the dams along the main stem of the Colorado River - from the birth of the river in Colorado to its death at the Arizona/Mexico border.

The Colorado river system is one of the most heavily developed in the world, with fifteen dams on the main stem of the Colorado and hundreds more on its tributaries.

Diversion to the All American Canal